We stared down fear, laughed in the face of death, took a ride in hell, tested the waters of the unknown, and survived.

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Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle but rather a beautiful reminder of how strong true love can be.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures

Our kids are going to be so angry with us one day. We’ve charged their future on our Visa cards — Thomas Friedman

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You cannot erase the ill effects or benefits associated with your place of birth

Here is a lesson from history to understand why.

Source: The Daily Bhaskar

An artist trying to laugh, sing and document my journey through this strenuous aria called life

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Death is difficult to accept but seeing a person your own age lose their battle with life is worse.

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Jerome Horst — Room No 103

No one wants to die alone

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Keeping your mind open to odd jobs and accepting the dignity of labor has its rewards.

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There is no shortcut to success and spontaneous results are short-lived.

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Why being a paid member on Medium is worth it

  • You read other people’s articles and get to know other writers with who you resonate with

The pandemic forced me to pursue a profession I looked down upon, in a foreign language, in my late 30s.

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Shireen Sinclair

5X Top writer. I help people appreciate life by writing about absurdities experienced in the third world. Feminist at heart using music and humor to lighten up!

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