We stared down fear, laughed in the face of death, took a ride in hell, tested the waters of the unknown, and survived.

Sometimes you are sick and tired of your circumstances and are suddenly blessed with the strength to turn the impossible into possible. Sometimes your will is so strong that emotions fail to stop you. Sometimes a long-term goal becomes more important than the routine responsibilities you have. …

Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle but rather a beautiful reminder of how strong true love can be.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Almost two years before the pandemic shut down borders and stopped air travel, my husband and I took the difficult decision to be apart and carve our own paths in different countries.

My husband works on a special skilled temporary visa in the USA. His work visa was shortly coming…

Our kids are going to be so angry with us one day. We’ve charged their future on our Visa cards — Thomas Friedman

You cannot erase the ill effects or benefits associated with your place of birth

I was born and raised in India, a country I should have never been born in. I say this as everything from my views, to my talents, did not pass my inheritance.

It was a land not suited for my distorted, liberal-minded family or me. We were three girls raised…

Here is a lesson from history to understand why.

According to a recent report, India has been named the most racist country in the world.

It is said that one's future is determined by where he is born. In India, geography is destiny.

Right from desert to savannah and rain forests, from the roof of the world to coastal…

An artist trying to laugh, sing and document my journey through this strenuous aria called life

My name is Shireen Sinclair and I hail from India, a colorful country with the most hospitable people.

I studied to be a journalist, pursuing Opera on the side. We have no conservatories in India to learn this art. Most parents encourage their children to keep extra-curricular activities to a…

A guide to accepting rejection and criticism as the key to success and happiness

Every one of us, rich or poor, adult or kid, has gone through some form of rejection or criticism. Just like a bitter pill that is not the most appetizing, but needs to be taken to feel better. …

Death is difficult to accept but seeing a person your own age lose their battle with life is worse.

Jerome Horst — Room No 103

I am a nursing student in my first year. As part of the job, I have to do several practicals in different nursing facilities. The course is built up of theory and practical blocks. …

No one wants to die alone

All she asked of me was time
All she asked of me was to hold her hand
All she asked of me was to be near her
All I could give her were false hopes

“How can you leave me like this?” said she
“I have so many other’s to attend…

Keeping your mind open to odd jobs and accepting the dignity of labor has its rewards.

My husband is a gifted IT engineer working on a contract with an American firm in the USA. When we suddenly moved to this country after the wedding, I suddenly turned from a contributing partner to a doormat. …

There is no shortcut to success and spontaneous results are short-lived.

I made my first, read-worthy post on this platform on February 28th. It was about India as a peculiar land and the Goodmen project published it.

Making money from my writing was something unheard of. I have always been a writer and getting rejected by journals and the top publications…

Shireen Sinclair

5X Top writer. I help people appreciate life by writing about absurdities experienced in the third world. Feminist at heart using music and humor to lighten up!

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