Even dried bread tastes sweeter when you have bought it with your own hard-earned money

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The rejected girl-child

Hear them now. Don’t wait until you grow old and need to use this art form as a replacement for your sleeping pill.

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‘I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls’ from The Bohemian Girl by Michael William Balfe

Work toward eliminating them and your life will change.

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Here is a lesson from history to understand why.

Source: The Daily Bhaskar

An artist trying to laugh, sing and document my journey through this strenuous aria called life

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The pandemic forced me to pursue a profession I looked down upon, in a foreign language, in my late 30s.

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Your nose is a wonderland to wild, erotic pleasure that helps you whiff a loved one way after he is gone.

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A plea by an old man to end his suffering

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When I could no longer move my audience from the stage I learned to do the same from my couch

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From stage to page

The legends associated with the haunting siren along the Rhine


The virgin who double-crossed the devil

Shireen Sinclair

5X Top writer. I help people appreciate life by writing about absurdities experienced in the third world. Feminist at heart using music and humor to lighten up!

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